About the Fair

The Celebrating Life and Health Fair first began in 2003, when the Levin Family Foundation decided to host an Easter meal for the community. As they planned, serving the homeless and hungry through a simple meal quickly turned into offering a few free health screenings to the community. In that first year, there were a thousand attendees! In a few short years, the Celebrating Life and Health Fair had grown to five thousand participants.

The Celebrating Life and Health Fair is still underwritten by the Levin Family Foundation, but now offers screenings from over sixty different local health and education related vendors. It is open to everyone, and all attendees receive a free healthy meal and family activities in addition to access to all the screenings.

At Celebrating Life and Health Fair 2016, 21% of attendees were unemployed*, 53% have an annual income under $20,000*, and 9% were uninsured.*

See what those who attended have to say about Celebrating Life and Health:

“All the people testing are very nice and explain everything.”

“From kids to adults, people need events like this.”

*Data from 310 participants surveyed

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